Amicum was appointed to assist The Mornington Village with the sale of both their new and resale units. Not only did we assist in the strategic rebranding and repositioning of the Village, but we sold all the units and now have trouble keeping up with demand for resale units.


In 2012, The Mornington Village built the final stage, a new development on surplus land at their village. Upon completion, they experienced unexpectedly slow sales of units. Despite being new and well appointed, the location of the units was in an isolated location to the rest of the village, and interest from buyers was minimal for the next two years. In addition, several resale units were also receiving minimal interest from buyers.


Amicum approached The Mornington Village in 2014 with several fresh initiatives, including a major review of their sales and marketing strategies and an update of the units’ overall presentation.

  • Amicum’s sales team joined forces with Mornington’s on-site staff
  • A new CRM was implemented, designed to keep in regular contact with clients, their requirements for purchasing, and also to invite them to upcoming social functions to include them in the Village’s community
  • Rather than marketing the entire development, Amicum focused on marketing individual units and developed online marketing strategies in order to increase enquiry
  • Amicum worked together with staff to hold functions for the Mornington community to refresh the village’s overall brand and perception


Within 16 months of Amicum’s appointment at The Mornington Village, we successfully sold every single new and resale unit on their behalf, most of which had sat on the market for more than two years, and created a waiting list for future sales.

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