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Through our years of work in the residential and retirement living sectors, the Amicum team have developed the skills, knowledge and expertise to enable us to handle marketing, design, and sale of specialist residential projects.

Featured Project

Bendigo Retirement Village
Bendigo, Victoria
Project Sales

This mature village displayed common issues experienced by many older strata titled villages and was in dire need of a strategic makeover in the way that it marketed itself. Amicum implemented a contemporary digital marketing campaign, sales expertise and refurbishment plan which resulted in us selling every unit on the market. For the first time in its history, this village now enjoys the benefit of having a buyers list.

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The Personal Touch

Our approach involves more than sending an ‘agent’ out to meet people for inspections.

It involves listening.

And assisting discerning buyers to make decisions to suit their lifestyle and unique circumstances.

Sales & Marketing

It is critical that sales and marketing is in synergy to ensure a successful project.

Our sales team receives ongoing advanced sales and negotiation training, and our marketing experience over a variety of projects gives us continuous insights into best practices and current trends.

Our Services

Researching and
analysing the

project viability
and local insight

and sales advice

strategy and

Achieving efficient
(with minimal risk)

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