2018 was a tough year for Aged Care Operators with the sector being under intense scrutiny from the regulatory bodies and media. During this time, the main shareholders of a group of three facilities in NSW with over 400 beds in total, decided to divest of their going-concern Aged Care assets and retire. Despite significant obstacles with a changing compliance environment and restructuring of the facilities, AMICUM managed to procure an experienced purchaser who took over operations successfully at this crucial time.


During a time where confidence in the sector was extremely low due to prolonged Media and Regulator scrutiny, the shareholders of three large facilities in NSW decided to divest of their assets and retire. With all three homes being under watch from the regulator, AMICUM was asked to find a suitable purchaser who would be willing to take on the increased risk of non-compliance throughout the sales and settlement proce


Amicum ran a truly customised and unique marketing campaign in which key outcomes were required to be achieved if it was to be deemed a success for the client.


By capitalising on AMICUM’s depth of the local market, we managed to quickly secure an experienced party who was willing to work through the additional risks attached to this transaction. With our detailed understanding of the sales and settlement process, we were able to capitalise on the operational experience of the new operator who got involved in the day-to-day operations of the group earlier than is customary, ensured the regulatory issues were addressed quickly and the transaction proceeded to settlement successfully.

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